Call for Submissions

The Plaskett Gallery and North Wing Gallery, part of the Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces/ Massey Theatre complex in New Westminster, are now accepting submissions from visual artists in any media for exhibitions from April to December 2023, with the option of doing a one- or two-month exhibition, pending on availability.

Please submit samples of your work by post or email in photographic format, a minimum of six photographs, the framed size of each work, an artist’s statement about the proposed exhibition, a curriculum vitae and your website address if applicable.

The minimum size is 16”x20” includes the frame, i.e. twenty five 16”x20” are needed to mount an exhibition. If you like your submission returned by mail please include a self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage.

The North Wing Gallery is able to accommodate freestanding sculptures. The North Wing has 25 glass display cases measuring 44” wide by 39” high and 10” deep.

The proposed exhibition submission must not have been showcased in New Westminster in the preceding 12 months, nor (upon acceptance) be displayed in any other New Westminster galleries during the exhibiting year.

Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2023.

Please send submission via post, email or hand deliver to:

Massey Theatre/Plaskett Gallery Exhibition Committee
735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3M 2R2

Via email:

For more information please contact the Massey Theatre by phone, 604-517-5900 extension 6124, or by email.

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It’s time for a show of appreciation

These really are unprecedented times.  Times of great loss and lack of connection with friends, loved ones and community.

It’s hard.  For everyone. Some of life’s luster is definitely missing.

We’ve been witnessing the difficult work of healthcare and frontline workers (teachers, administrators and support staff, police officers, firefighters, retail workers, hospitality staff, delivery people, grocery clerks, and more), you know who you are!

For two years now they have given of themselves more than they knew they could. And it isn’t over yet. Our community members in the performing arts have lost work, motivation and wellbeing by not being able to practice, perform and bring art to everyday life.

To these amazing individuals, we offer a giant THANK YOU. We appreciate you and see you.

From Jan. 20 – February 3, we’re offering Healthcare and Frontline workers and Performing Arts Workers and Artists 50% off tickets to see The Arts Club Theatre Company’s Noises Off at Massey Theatre running from February 15-27.

It is a show filled with laughter, lightness and energy and is sure to bring a spark of joy and that feeling of celebration we need.

We all need connection. While we can’t gather in all the ways that we may want to, we can celebrate through the shared experience of the arts.

Frontline workers can get tickets for 50% off using the code FRONTLINE at point of purchase

Performing arts workers can get tickets for 50% off using the code PERFORMINGARTS at point of purchase

Spread the word. Share with your friends and loved ones in these industries. Perhaps buy them tickets so you can all go to the show.  Together.

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Giving Tuesday 2021

Today is Giving Tuesday

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement, taking place each year after Black Friday. The “Opening day of the giving season’ when charities, business and individuals come together to celebrate giving as a community

And community is who we are.

Having the audiences return over the past few months has been magical. We’ve safely held live performances, rehearsals, meetings and more in our space and launched our most ambitious presentation season ever including a full professional run of the Arts Club Theatre’s production of Noises Off. Moments of connection and joy for audiences and community members, and a return to creation and employment for artists and technicians.

We are proud to be playing such a huge part of the recovery of the arts in British Columbia.

In addition to welcoming back audiences and creators in our space, we moved into a new era for the Massey Theatre and ancillary spaces with the transfer of ownership of our building to the City of New Westminster.  This has triggered an incredible partnership that promises to impact the community greatly over the coming years, and the expansion of the venue has created Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces. These spaces will make a significant contribution to arts in the region, providing a new home and infrastructure for the arts of the future.  There is much work to be done, and this work requires funding.

Funding for renovations, artist fees, upgrades of equipment, new state of the art digital production equipment, training, programming, outreach and more.

Our goals are high, but necessary and ones that we’re committed to hitting.

As we kick off giving season and our donation drive, please consider supporting us this Giving Tuesday with a tax deductible donation. This Giving Tuesday, Canada Helps will be adding $2 to every donation over $20. If we recieve 100 donations over $20, that means an extra $200.  $200 that could go to artist fees for programming to marginalized youth.  $200 that can provide access to the arts for seniors.  $200 towards the arts centre of our future.

Support us in our commitment to a vibrant future and consider giving a donation to the Massey Theatre Society from yourself, your business or in the name of a loved one.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and support you’ve given to Massey Theatre. We do this with you and for you, and if you have the means, we hope you’ll share with us, or share our message.

Donate here.

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We want to hear from you!

We’re missing all the artists, community activators, producers and audience members that come through our doors every day, sharing experiences, thoughts and joy in our space. We know that we’ll all be able to be together again eventually, but we’re adapting so we can still engage our audiences and support the people who create and produce on our stage.

We’ve begun programming small activities in our spaces as well as working with local producers on the filming of events that will be live-streamed. However, we want to ensure that we are providing and supporting what the audience and community wants.

We’ve collaborated with the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance on a short survey for our patrons, partners, artists and collaborators.

The purpose of this survey is to help us and other arts and cultural organizations plan for reopening and to understand your needs as we plan for the future. The survey focuses on your arts and cultural activities and how you feel about options for a safe return to these activities.

Your responses will be kept confidential and anonymous. You will not be asked for your name, contact details, or any other information that could identify you. Only aggregated data will be publicly disclosed.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you want to experience arts, events and programming at Massey Theatre. We look forward to welcoming you back very soon in an environment where we can collectively enjoy the magic of the performing arts and community.

To fill out the survey, click on this LINK

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at!

There is also a similar survey running for the Anvil Centre Theatre if you’d like to fill that out as well.

This is #JustAnIntermission

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Our commitment to do more

Participation in the arts is dominated by communities who have historically received access and inclusion. The Massey Theatre is committed to increasing access and inclusion for Black community members and artists.

Seeing one’s self reflected in art, in story, in music; being empowered and applauded, particularly for youth and children, builds an important sense of belonging and of being valued.

Currently, violent acts against Black bodies circulate and dominate our view. In response, we offer the use of our physical and human resources to Black community members. Strengthen yourselves and these global social movements with these supports. Facilitate, connect, restore, speak your truths and be heard, we will assist you.

This week we are reengaging with members of BC’s Black artistic community to co-create opportunities which elevate Black voices and inter-connect communities. We invite Black community members and organizations to feed and inform this programming and we call on the community at large to learn and take action toward social change.

Please contact if you wish to be involved in supporting or developing these activities or if you have any questions or concerns.

Black Canadian artists embody the resilience and achievements of their ancestors, survivors of a brutal legacy and their work offers valuable perspectives. This collection of National Film Board of Canada films by award winning Black filmmakers, creators and allies is a mere tip of the iceberg of work created by Black artists in Canada. We invite you to watch and learn.

La participation aux arts est dominée par des communautés qui ont toujours bénéficié de l’accès et de l’inclusion. Le Massey Theatre s’est engagé à accroître l’accès et l’inclusion des membres de la communauté noire et des artistes.
Se voir refléter dans l’art, dans l’histoire, dans la musique; être responsabilisé et applaudi, en particulier pour les jeunes et les enfants, crée un sentiment d’appartenance et valorisation.
Actuellement, les actes de violence contre les personnes noirs circulent et dominent notre point de vue. En réponse, nous proposons l’utilisation de nos ressources physiques et humaines aux membres de la communauté noire. Renforcez-vous et renforcez ces mouvements sociaux et mondiaux avec du soutien. Facilitez, connectez, restaurez, expressez-vous, faire entendre votre voix, nous vous assisterons.
Cette semaine, nous nous engageons à nouveau avec des membres de la communauté artistique noire de la Colombie-Britannique pour créer des possibilités qui élèvent les voix noires et inter-connectent les communautés. Nous invitons les membres et les organisations de la communauté noire à alimenter et informer cette programmation et nous appelons la communauté dans son ensemble à apprendre et à agir pour le changement social.
Veuillez contacter si vous souhaitez participer au soutien ou au développement de ces activités ou si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations.
Les artistes canadiens et canadiennes noirs incarnent la résilience et les réalisations de leurs ancêtres, survivants d’un héritage brutal et leur travail offrent de précieuses perspectives. Cette collection de films de l’Office nationale du film du Canada de cinéastes, créateurs et alliés noirs primés n’est qu’une partie de l’iceberg du travail créé par des artistes noirs au Canada. Nous vous invitons à regarder et à apprendre.
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NWSO Conductor Jin Zhang

Jin Zhang, was born in Beijing China. He received his initial musical education at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Thereupon he traveled to Japan and studied at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo. He studied conducting with Professor Morihiro Okabe and he also took master classes with maestros Kazuyoshi Akiyama and Seiji Ozawa. Since coming to Canada in 1990, Jin has quickly become known as a conductor and composer who actively promotes the appreciation of and education in symphonic orchestral music and, no less, the combining of Eastern and Western musical expressions.

Jin Zhang is an associate composer of the Canadian Music Centre. He presently holds the position of Music Director and Conductor of the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Westminster Symphony Orchestra, and the Vancouver Youth Symphony Intermediate Orchestra. He also conducts the Vancouver Inter Culture Orchestra. He is an artistic director of VBCm production. Recently he was appointed guest professor in the Yunnan Wenhua Conservatory for Arts in China.

​Jin Zhang is a multiple recipient of commissioning grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, and has composed for many ensembles, TV productions, and CD recordings. Many of his compositions and arrangements have been played by professional and community groups, including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Some of his works have been broadcast by the BBC, CBC, VTV and other networks. In 2008, Jin released a recording of his compositions titled “Tracing”. The production of the CD was financially supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, and the CD distributed by the Canadian Music Centre. His second CD was released in China in 2010. Under the aegis of the Pangea Arts Society, he was granted major Olympic arts funding for the creation of a new work.

​Jin has received many awards. In 2006, he was selected by the Canadian Music Centre to be part of their new online initiative titled “Composer Portraits – Influences of Many Musics”. This project focuses on Canadian composers who have come to Canada from other countries, highlighting their valuable contributions to Canadian music. In 2004, Jin was honoured by the City of New Westminster for ten years of distinguished service to the New Westminster Symphony Orchestra and the City.

​In 2001, the film he composed music for “Nu Shu: A Hidden Language of Women in China” received the Audience Award and Best Documentary at the Festival Internazionale Cinema Delle Donne in Torino, Italy. In 1986, he won second prize in a composition competition in the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. In 1984, he won third prize in a nation-wide composition competition in China. Recently, he received an Artistic Achievement Award issued by the Vancouver Chinese Culture Centre.

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