It’s time for a show of appreciation

By Erin Jeffery In Feature, News January 20, 2022

These really are unprecedented times.  Times of great loss and lack of connection with friends, loved ones and community.

It’s hard.  For everyone. Some of life’s luster is definitely missing.

We’ve been witnessing the difficult work of healthcare and frontline workers (teachers, administrators and support staff, police officers, firefighters, retail workers, hospitality staff, delivery people, grocery clerks, and more), you know who you are!

For two years now they have given of themselves more than they knew they could. And it isn’t over yet. Our community members in the performing arts have lost work, motivation and wellbeing by not being able to practice, perform and bring art to everyday life.

To these amazing individuals, we offer a giant THANK YOU. We appreciate you and see you.

From Jan. 20 – February 3, we’re offering Healthcare and Frontline workers and Performing Arts Workers and Artists 50% off tickets to see The Arts Club Theatre Company’s Noises Off at Massey Theatre running from February 15-27.

It is a show filled with laughter, lightness and energy and is sure to bring a spark of joy and that feeling of celebration we need.

We all need connection. While we can’t gather in all the ways that we may want to, we can celebrate through the shared experience of the arts.

Frontline workers can get tickets for 50% off using the code FRONTLINE at point of purchase

Performing arts workers can get tickets for 50% off using the code PERFORMINGARTS at point of purchase

Spread the word. Share with your friends and loved ones in these industries. Perhaps buy them tickets so you can all go to the show.  Together.