Queerly Canadian: A Play Reading Series

As part of the Under the Rainbow LGBTQ2+ programming at Massey Theatre, we are presenting a series of play readings of fantastic Canadian Plays. These plays have been curated by our artist in residence Allan Morgan and Roy Surette, Artistic Director for Touchstone Theatre.

All plays will be presented as staged readings, performed by professional actors. Plays contain mature content and may not be suitable for young audiences.

FREE and welcoming and accessible for all!

Hosanna by Michel Tremblay
January 20, 2020 @ 7:30 pm Plaskett Gallery

The heart-rending and often hilarious Hosanna by seminal French Canadian playwright Michel Tremblay shines light on the fear of change, identity, and the reluctance to release the illusion of self. Aging drag queen Hosanna, a man wanting to be a woman, wanting to be Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, with her live-in partner Curiette, a going-to-seed leather stud, faces a Halloween night feeling like an outsider in her own skin.

Hosanna, was first performed in French at Théâtre de Quat’Sous in 1973 and in English at Toronto’s Tarragon in 1974 and is set in an exotic world of nightclubs and gay bars on the main of Montreal in the seventies. Written during the social and political tumult of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution, Tremblay’s political allegory about the authenticity of self resonates just as much today.

This reading of Hosanna is a features the actors from the recent UBC Theatre presentation, Frank Zotter and Joey Lespérance and is directed by Stephen Heatley. Translated by Bill Glassco and John Van Burek.

Lilies by Michel Marc Bouchard
April 8, 2020 @ 7:30 pm Plaskett Gallery

The play is set in 1952 in the church of a prison where it has been arranged that the jailed Simon Doucet will make confession to his old friend Bishop Bilodeau The play’s English translation by Linda Gaboriau was published in 1991.

This reading will feature members of the cast from the Jessie Award winning joint production of Touchstone, Arts Club and Pi Theatres, including Allan Morgan.

Swollen Tongues by Kathleen Oliver
June 8, 2020 @ 7:30 pm Plaskett Gallery
Written entirely in rhyming couplets, Swollen Tongues is a contemporary take on Restoration comedy – with a twist!

Thomas and his sister, Catherine, are both instructed in the powers of poetry by Dr. Wise. While Thomas is more prolific than skilled in his praise of his beloved Sonja, Catherine is strangely mute. The problem? Catherine is in love with Sonja too, and has taken the liberty of effectively improving her brother’s verses and giving them to Sonja under an assumed name, Overripe. When Thomas discovers that he has been plagiarized, Dr. Wise suggests a challenge of poetic skill. The ensuing flurry of disguises, tricks, and revelations includes a visit to Sapphic hideaway, closer to home than anyone might have imagined. Here, the characters discover that no one is without secrets, and that poetry can unlock the door to love in unexpected ways.

Massey Theatre is a safe space for LBGT2+ people and allies where we promote the notions of love, mutual consent, empathy and understanding. Homophobia, transphobia, sexism, any type of bigotry or violent conduct will not be tolerated. Don’t hesitate to approach us if anything should alert your concern.

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Métis Arts Fest

Join us for the Métis Arts Fest Presented by Savage Society and Massey Theatre from September 27th – October 26th, 2019

Includes music, dance, visual art, theatre, and celebration, sharing and illuminating Métis stories and culture

ALL events and activities are free and take place at the Massey Theatre in the Plaskett Gallery or on the Massey Theatre stage. All are welcome and encouraged.


September 27th @ 7pm Métis Culture Fair
The Métis Culture Fair is an exciting celebration of contemporary Métis arts and culture. Enjoy music and stories, and hear artists speak intimately about how their heritage, culture, and art intersect. Featured artists include Sandy Scofield, Andrea Menard, Charlene Wilson and host Tai Amy Grauman.

October 1st @ 7pm Métis Jigging 
In this fun and exciting workshop for all ages, you will learn the basics of Metis jigging from local dancer Charlene Wilson. Get your body moving as she teaches the steps, and then enjoy a session of social dancing where you can put your new skills to the test and experience the joy of jigging.

October 3rd @ 6pm Métis Feast 
The Grand Celebration of Metis Arts Fest will include a delicious feast, fabulous performances and a rousing celebration of Métis arts and Métis life. The event will include music from Sandy Scofield, Andrea Menard, and Kim Brandt, dancing by Charlene Wilson. Excellent food will be provided by Rosemary Georgeson and Barb Bennett Hospitality Services. Finally, the Métis Pairing exhibition featuring work by artists Nicci Battilana and Monique Hurteau will bring a dynamic array of colours and images to the walls of the Plaskett Gallery.

October 25th and 26th @ 1pm
Workshop Presentation: You Used to Call Me Marie Witness the creation of new theatre in progress with this workshop presentation of Tai Amy Grauman’s play You Used to Call Me Marie

Month of October
Plaskett Gallery Artist Exhibition: Métis Pairing Nicci Battilana and Monique Hurteau

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Call for Artists: Love Out Loud – Images of Pride: Personal and Political

Massey Theatre now accepting submissions for a curated exhibition in November 2019 at the Plaskett Gallery as part of “Under the Rainbow,” a year of LGBTQ2+ focussed programs.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, widely viewed as the birth of the modern Pride movement. Over those decades, “Pride” has represented many things, from a political movement fighting for safety, equality, and human rights to a lifting of the shame that LGBTQ2+ people have been made to endure by their families, their communities, and even themselves. As a counterpoint to the commercialization and homogenization of the Pride movement that has been observed (and often criticized) in recent years, “Love Out Loud” will remind us that Pride is an infinite, multifaceted experience and that every LGBTQ2+ person has the right to decide what Pride means to them. In these times, it is as vital as ever that queer love does dare speak its name, and “Love Out Loud” will serve as a platform for artists to do just that.

Submit via email to julian@masseytheatre.com. Please include in your submission:

  • Artist Name
  • For each work: photo of work, title, framed size, and media

Submissions will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Artistic merit/interest
  • Relevance to the exhibition themes (short artistic statements may be included with works to explain their connection)
  • Appropriateness for the multi-user community venue that houses the gallery

We are not able to exhibit sculpture or other non-hanging works at this time

The proposed work of art must not have been showcased in New Westminster in the 12 months preceding the exhibition, nor (upon acceptance) be displayed in any other New Westminster gallery during the exhibiting year.

Deadline for submissions is September 15 2019.

For more information please contact the exhibition coordinator Julian Legere

julian@masseytheatre.com 604-517-5900

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Under the Rainbow: A year of LGBTQ2+ programming

The arts bring community together. Through shared experiences, stories and space. This season, we’re introducting ‘Under the Rainbow’, a series of community events, programs, shows and more celebrating expression, identity, and connection, with a particular focus on LGBTQ2+ stories and artists.

A featured component of this programming is the participation of our artist in residence Allan Morgan.

Massey Theatre is proud to welcome veteran Canadian actor, and more recently playwright Allan Morgan as our 2019-2020 Artist-in-Residence. As part of our Under the Rainbow series, Allan will be developing and leading a number of events and programs, including a run of his solo play “Pride: for the young gay, the un-gay, and the jaded queen in all of us,” a storytelling program for gay seniors, a play reading series, and more. Allan will also be writing a blog for the Massey website about his residency, and will be present at the Theatre throughout the year to work on new projects and get the community excited about arts and Pride.

Here’s a teaser of some of the programming coming Under the Rainbow


September 20th -September 22nd
Pride-For the young gay, the un-gay and the jaded queen in all of us- writtten and performed by Allan Morgan on the Massey Theatre stage
September 28th to November 30th
Let me Tell you a Story Nobody Ever Told to Me- Gay Seniors project in the Plaskett Gallery
October 19th
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the Movie: Drag Queen Singalong in the Massey Theatre
October 20th
The Flame NW the LGBTQ2+ edition- Plaskett Gallery
October 28th 
Colette-Last Monday at the Movies with the Arts Council of New Westminster in the Massey Theatre
November 1st to 30th
Love Out Love Exhibition in the Plaskett Gallery
November 30th
Gay Seniors Project Sharing & Celebration in the Massey Theatre


January 11th
Fire Song- Award winning contemporary film from indigenous film maker Adam Garnet Jones in the Massey Theatre
January 20th
Play Reading in the Massey Theatre
February 14th
The Wiard of Oz the Movie: Drag Queen Singalong in the Massey Theatre
February 15th
Rainbow Families Family Day Gathering-activities and performances in Massey Theatre and Plaskett Gallery
February 24th
Rafiki-Last Monday at the Movies with the Arts Council of New Westminster in the Massey Theatre
March 13th and 14th
New Performance showcase in the Massey Theatre
March 14th
Dance Party in the Massey Theatre
April 6th
Play Reading in the Massey Theatre
May 1st and 2nd
Hot Brown Honey in the Massey Theatre
June 8th
Play Reading in the Massey Theatre

Want to be kept up to date on Under the Rainbow and other programming? Email us and we’ll keep you in the know.

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Plaskett Gallery Call for Submissions

The Plaskett Gallery, our wonderful communty gallery space in the theatre is now accepting submissions from visual artists in any media for exhibitions from May 2019 to December 2019, with the option of doing a one month to a two month exhibition.

Please submit samples of your work by post or email in photographic format, a minimum of six photographs, the framed size of each work, minimum size is 16” X 20” includes the frame, an artist’s statement about the proposed exhibition, a curriculum vitae and your website address if applicable.

If applicable a self-addressed stamp with sufficient postage for us to send your material back.

The gallery is not able at this time to accommodate sculptures.

The proposed exhibition submission must not have been showcased in New Westminster in the preceding 12 months, nor (upon acceptance) be displayed in any other New Westminster gallery during the exhibiting year.

Deadline for submissions is October 31st 2018

Send submission via post, email or hand deliver to:

 Massey Theatre/Plaskett Gallery Exhibition Committee

735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3M 2R2

Via email: andree@masseytheatre.com

For more information please contact the Massey Theatre by phone, 604-517-5900 or by email, visit our website: masseytheatre.com.

We will contact those who were selected will by late-November 2018

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