What We Do

Massey Theatre is more than a wonderful theatre venue. It is an organization that contributes to artistic activity and community programs in a number of dynamic ways. Many of the performances on the stage are presented by the Massey Theatre Society and the resident companies each enjoy the support of the Society in their undertakings. Beyond the stage you will find Massey Theatre leading the way in the areas outlined below.

Vision & Mission Statements

The Massey Theatre Society is a catalyst for a vibrant, expressive community and a stage where any dream is possible.

We are committed to nurturing and supporting the performing arts with respect and integrity.

Strategic Plan Goals 2015 – 2018

GOAL #1 :

Play an integral role in developing local artistic capacity and community engagement.


GOAL #2 :

Enhance our reputation for excellence.


GOAL #3 :

Create conditions for long term growth and sustainability.

The I AM Youth Program

//I AM – Imagination, Arts and Media.

The I AM (Imagination, Arts and Media) Youth Program was launched in 2008 and is supported by the City of New Westminster, BC Gaming and Massey Theatre Society. The project endeavors to inspire youth between the ages of 13-24 to participate fully in a creative and productive local community and in the global community beyond.

The program is ever evolving in response to young people creating art all over our community; in their homes, classrooms and in many wonderful paid programs. Through I AM, we aim to discover and support New Westminster’s artistic talent, encourage community participation in the arts and personal development through the arts. Programs are open to all interested youth, are responsive to emerging interest areas and are generally free for participants. Some components of the program are deeply engaging building lasting relationships with youth and creating opportunities for older youth to mentor younger youth in leading and directing activities.

Tech Club

Throughout the school year, Massey Theatre offers a free weekly program in behind the scenes theatrical work. Youth meet on Thursday afternoons to learn skills and concepts in set and props building, scenic painting, lighting and sound equipment operation and about theatre production, professional standards, procedures and workplace safety. These youth are able to support the technical operation of school performances in the Massey Theatre and form the team who builds and crews high school musical theatre productions. Many have later become employees of the Massey and other theatres after graduating and have pursued post-secondary education in the arts.For more information call 604-517-5900 or email: info@masseytheatre.com.

The Massey Helps Program

Massey Theatre Society offers a theatre use grant program of free access to the space four times per calendar year. The program exists to encourage and enhance the activities and initiatives of artistic and community organizations. Applications should reflect projects which are inclusive and open to the community and will assist the presenting organizations in a significant way toward achieving their artistic or charitable aims.


  • Any organization or group within the lower mainland of British Columbia who can fulfill the program criteria is invited to apply.
  • Priority will be given to New Westminster citizens or organizations when submissions of equal interest are made.
  • Existing Massey Theatre rental clients are welcome to apply in support of new initiatives, special events or anniversaries.
  • Successful applicants are welcome to apply again in future years however priority may be given to new initiatives or organizations.
  • Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to apply again for the same event at future deadlines unless instructed the project was, in fact, ineligible.
  • Applications for events which serve to benefit specific political or religious organizations will not be considered.
  • Massey Theatre reserves the right to withhold execution of this program at its discretion. In such a case, any eligible applications submitted will be carried forward for review in the next cycle.

Download the Massey Helps Program guidelines and application form: [PDF File] [Word File]

Anvil Centre Theatre

In 2014, Massey Theatre Society was contracted by the City of New Westminster to operate the Anvil Centre Theatre, a contemporary non-proscenium stage in the spectacular new Anvil Centre in downtown New Westminster. It is the perfect complement to the large, historic Massey Theatre providing an excellent, vastly different, alternative for performing arts organizations, audiences and business clients.