Plaskett Gallery

By treefrog In Uncategorized May 17, 2016

The Plaskett Gallery has had the privilege to showcase immerging and established Artist. We set out for this year to make the Plaskett Gallery more accessible and create a welcoming and educational environment. On exhibit this year where Enda Bardell: “Out and About”, Sheila Page: “The Beach Beneath or Feet” and Christy Frisken: “There Goes the Train”.

The establishment of a yearly “Master Series” of which Joseph Plaskett was our first “Master” and followed up this year with our second” Master” Jack Campbell celebrates established Artists of renown.

Jack’s exhibit “Pieces of Colour” was a resounding success with close to 600 visitors and over $5,000 in sales. The number of visitors to the Plaskett does not include the Theatre attendance for Fiddler on the Roof, although many made a point of viewing the Art. Volunteers have joined our team to welcome visitors to the Plaskett Gallery and we applaud their contribution.

We have further plans for a New Westminster Youth Exhibition, Artists talks on divers ‘techniques and processes and informal recitals.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering or exhibiting at the Plaskett Gallery contact the Massey Theatre at 604.517-5900. Gallery Hours are Tuesday to Saturday 1 to 5pm and always by appointment.