What Does Supporting Massey Theatre Mean?

By Joyce Lam In Fundraising June 27, 2024

As we enter the final week of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, we want to talk about the Massey Theatre itself. The heart of our arts centre.

The Massey Theatre was built 75 years ago. The Massey Theatre Society has been its steward for over 40 years, and during that time has weathered many a storm — from impending closures to recessions to a global pandemic.

The Theatre is home to hundreds of events per year, ranging from community celebrations to large scale musicals, to dance recitals, rock concerts and everything in between. Indigenous artists as well as touring artists from across the globe practice in our spaces. It is the home for many organizations. The birthplace of the arts for young audience members and performers. A place where all are welcome to share. Together.

As a charitable organization, the Society presents large performances and also facilitates the use of the space by many user groups. We provide free tickets to our shows to organizations who support individuals overcoming barriers that would otherwise prevent them from going to the theatre. Recently, we offered two free tickets to every resident moving into the new affordable housing development at 861 6th street. We believe the arts should be accessible for all and we fund this program through our own revenues.

A 75-year-old theatre needs love and attention. Upgrades and reimagining. The City of New Westminster will be undertaking a large capital project to address many of these upgrades, but there is more to be done to help us lift Massey Theatre and Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces to the Arts Centre the growing community needs and deserves.

We are fundraising for a bright and dynamic future for Massey Theatre and Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces. A space where the arts and the spaces are accessible and vibrant. A space where professional artists share and create and emerging artists reach for the stars. A place where creativity shines.

If you have the means, please consider donating today as part of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge and join the global giving movement. If not, share with your friends and tell them what the Massey Theatre means to you.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is designed to help charities fundraise during the slow summer months when donations tend to decline and people are out enjoying the summer sun.

As it is the 10th anniversary of the challenge, from June 1st to 30th, every $1 donated to the Massey Theatre Society through CanadaHelps gives us the chance to win $10,000. Additionally, every $10 donation that you make gets you an entry to win incredible adventure-themed prizes!

During this challenge (and always) we’re fundraising for community, as community is the heart of who we are. From our Community Kitchen to our Garden/Gathering Space. From Artist Access to Artistic Collaborations. From Audience Members to Performers and Crew. These funds will help us connect more with our community as we enter our 75th year.