Happy International Women’s Day 2021

By Erin Jeffery In Feature March 8, 2021

Today, we recommit to equity for women and elevating the presence and influence of marginalized women. Women are the backbone of arts and culture as storytellers, artists, musicians, directors, choreographers, dancers, administrators and leaders.
A number of women keep the Massey Theatre and Anvil Centre Theatre vibrant and energized. These women work to plan programming and activate the facilities, manage the finances, network and promote our contributions while lifting up and elevating artistic and community organizations. They are mothers, community champions and connectors. They keep us moving forward every day as we move through these challenging times.
Executive Director Jessica Schneider is a powerful voice in B.C.’s artistic sector and has dedicated fifteen years seeing to it that Massey Theatre will have a vibrant and meaningful future. Jessica shapes the vision for our artistic programs, directs the staff and programming teams, writes the funding proposals and oversees the financial management of the Society.
Minna Nikula has been the Administrator for the Massey for twenty years. She supports and coordinates the theatre’s rentals while holding the administrative portfolio for the whole organization.
Erin Jeffery is charged with promoting the artistic offerings, making community connections and raising the profile of the Massey Theatre to keep the interest flowing in.
Andree St. Martin oversees our visual arts program in the Plaskett Gallery. Andree supports artists by connecting them to this key exhibition space and connecting visitors to their art.
Women are huge contributors to volunteerism historically and currently. Naturally, volunteers also fuel the Massey Society’s efforts. Board President Lynn Radbourne leads the Board of Directors having stepped into this leadership role which has also been held by past Board Presidents Anne Wilson Unger and Helen Sparkes.
City of New Westminster Councilor Mary Trentadue has been a determined advocate for the Massey Theatre and the arts in general in New Westminster. Mary has invested countless hours bridging our efforts with local government plans for the better outcome.
The impact of these community leaders is immesurable. We thank and appreciate them. But this story is not unique. All over the world women are creating and stewarding important assets, programs and activities that benefit our world. Thank the women in your life today. Happy International Women’s Day 2021!