Giving Tuesday

By Erin Jeffery In Feature December 1, 2020

Today is Giving Tuesday

A day when community, business and more give back to not for profits and charities. This year, we’re asking for your support. We are fundraising for a bright Massey future. A future that is bright with more spaces to engage the community and the arts. Space to grow and learn. Space to heal.

These past eight months have been challenging for everyone. We at the Massey Theatre have missed the thousands of people in our audiences and on our stages that we would usually see. We have been lucky enough to be able to safely present exclusive performances, host live streamed events and work with local artists and community members to provide access to performing arts and events safely.
Over these past eight months at the Anvil and Massey theatres combined, we have safely held 42 live performances, live streamed 17 performances, welcomed over 1100 guests through our theatres and gallery and have employed 140 artists.
More than numbers of jobs made possible for artists and technicians, we were able to provide moments of connection for community members. Connections that have been hard to access for many for the past eight months.
As the completion of NWSS nears the finish line, we look ahead to a reimagined Massey Theatre and surrounding spaces. A space that we look forward to engaging in with artists and innovators, event producers and community members and more. That space will require funds from a variety of sources, from government to foundation to the community that we love.
Share our commitment to a vibrant Massey future, and consider giving a donation to the Massey Theatre Society for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, or consider purchasing a gift certificate for a future event. The gift of community connection is one that heals…something we all desperately need right now.
The show will go on.