Landscape of Tranquility

This is an exhibition of Chinese Ink Paintings created by Wenyan Xu.

Wenyan Xu was born in Shaanxi, China. She is a Chinese landscape painter. She learned to paint from her father. She has exhibited in Canada and abroad. She moved to Vancouver in 2018 and has exhibited in international galleries. She is a member of the Chinese Art Association of Canada, the Vancouver Sanwei Art Association and the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Wenyan lives in Burnaby. In 2018, she participated in the Burnaby Stride Festival. Two of her paintings were picked up by collectors. At the same time, she was invited by Mike Hurley, the Mayor of Burnaby, to create a work with the theme of the Burnaby Deer Lake Art Museum. The painting was donated to the City of Burnaby. The story was covered by Altitude Magazine. In 2019, she was interviewed by Vancouver Network Television. In 2020, she participated in a fundraising and charity sale organized by international galleries for seniors homes in Greater Vancouver. Her paintings were donated.

Artist Statement:

I love to discover, refine and share beautiful things. That is my goal as a painter. In reality, there are many passionate works that make people’s blood boil. However, I prefer creating for my viewers a sensation of peace and tranquility.

I grew up in a Chinese painting family. While receiving strict Chinese painting training, I really like the tranquility and inaction of Taoism—a sense of being, rather than doing. Therefore, my works are more inclined to express beauty, peace and calmness.


Member of Shaanxi Artists Association, principal of Xiao Huan Flower and Bird Painting Studio and Xu Yisheng Landscape Painting and Sketching Research Institute, and academician of Shaanxi Chang’an Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute.

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A Showcase of Young and Emerging Talent

An All-Grade Open Art and Design Exhibition by New Westminster Secondary Arts Students

This exhibit features an exciting variety of forms and media, and a seamless merging of classical and contemporary styles, often in the same work.

The artists included in this exhibition demonstrate the wide variety of professional paths that the current generation of visual artists rely on to practice their craft and make a living: from the gallery scene to commission, to public art, to graphic design, to the film industry, to teaching and curation.

The works represent a cross section of the contemporary art and design field and their work reflects a similar diversity of modes and content.

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