The Flame New Westminster

There aren’t many things better than a great story told by an engaging storyteller.

Luckily, we’ve got a bunch of great storytellers, from right here in New Westminster, coming to share their stories as part of the first presentation of The Flame New Westminster.

Deborah Williams, award winning performer, co-creator of the international hit Mom’s the Word trilogy is bringing the popular Vancouver storytelling series The Flame to the Plaskett Gallery at the Massey Theatre.

These stories will be diverse and engaging, must be true and ‘happened to you’. Performers include New Westminster residents: Janice Bannister, Lisa Bunting, Laura Drummond, Colleen Winton, JJ Lee, Syd Bosel, Aidan Chafe, Devon More and musical guest: Jay Brazeau.

‘The impetus for the Flame New Westminster came from a desire from local professional performers to have an outlet in their own city,’ said co-presenter Laura Drummond, ‘Many of these actors, poets and singers have a successful career outside of New Westminster, but want to share their art in the city that they love.’

‘Massey Theatre is always happy to provide space to grassroots group of committed artists  to help enliven the arts scene in New Westminster’ said Jessica Schneider, Executive Director of the Massey Theatre Society, ‘We’re happy to be able to help ignite this series that will hopefully grow into something lasting that will showcase performers of all disciplines in New Westminster.’

The Flame Vancouver has been going for nine seasons has expanded to various locations as well as a Victoria.

Come be a part of The Flame New Westminster!

November 26, 7:00 pm at the Plaskett Gallery.

Click here for more information on the event.

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Your Story, Your Voice-Storytelling Workshop with Deborah Williams

New Westminster performer and facilitator Laura Drummond and the Massey Theatre society are proud to announce an upcoming storytelling workshop in New Westminster.

Deborah Williams, award winning performer, co-creator of the international hit Mom’s the Word trilogy and co-founder of Vancouver’s sold out storytelling series The Flame is bringing her storytelling intensive workshop here to the Plaskett Gallery at the Massey Theatre.

In this two-day intensive, Deb will give people the tools to create and share a truly compelling story. This inclusive and supportive workshop is focused on learning and growth.

New to storytelling, but passionate about it? A performer that is looking for a new outlet? Bring a short, interesting personal anecdote, and Deb will work with you to get it performance ready.  It has to be true, about you, and told in less than 5 minutes.

Dates:                          Sat, Nov. 25 & Sun. Nov. 26 @ 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Address:                      Plaskett Gallery, Massey Theatre

Registration:                Email deborahwilliams1@mac.com to arrange e-transfer or payment

Workshop Prices        $150.00

Website info                www.facebook.com/groups/flamevancouver/about/

About Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams is award winning actress, playwright, director, producer, comedian, storyteller and teacher who has been working professionally for over 30 years.  She is the co-creator/producer/host of Vancouver/Victoria’s The Flame, a sold out monthly storytelling event, celebrating it’s 9th season. She is one of the creator/stars of the international hit comedy trilogy Mom’s The Word, true stories enjoyed by 1.5m people in 19 countries in 14 languages. Deborah lived in New Westminster for almost a decade founding the Urban Farmers Fall Fair and the Port Royal Community Garden. She is the proud mother of a couple of wonderful adult scientists who learned their love of nature in the ditches of Queensborough.

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The Victoria Project

Imagine accepting that each moment is a chance to start over.

Imagine being unhindered by memory.  Imagine not being able to think, but only to imagine. It would be a bit like dreaming.

And what is it that counts in our dreams?

What can we take with us when we die?

It’s something that aging, and even dementia, can’t take away. It’s those moments of communion that we have known, with creatures, gardens and gods…otherwise known as love.

Living isn’t easy, and neither is dying, but it is all interlaced with moments of great richness…little victories. Victoria savors every moment. I was glad to find a bit of myself in her-I hope that you will too.

Dulcinea Langfelder

In the work Victoria, Montreal’s acclaimed Dulcinea Langfelder is all at once an actor, dancer, mime and storyteller, incorporating physical theatre, music, multi-media.

Victoria is a wheelchair-bound 90 year-old suffering from the loss of memory, autonomy and just about everything else, Langfelder melds tragedy with humour. This multi-disciplinary work dazzles audiences with its humour and compassion while addressing old age, vulnerability, loss and death. She and her creative team sought to open dialogues and change attitudes towards old age, others’ as well as our own. Victoria proposes a positive image and reassures people who feel excluded, be it by aging, solitude, illness, handicap… socially or politically.

Show runs Saturday, October 27th at 7:30 pm and Sunday, October 28th at 2:00 pm.

Tickets on sale now: Tickets are $35 adult, $25 senior, $15 children and youth up to aged 18

Group rates are available. Bring family, friends or colleagues for this powerful performance that touches us all.

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