Calling Artists

General Terms for Exhibitors:

Massey Theatre collects a 15% commission on all art sold in the gallery.

Contracts are signed with each exhibitor.

Massey Theatre does have insurance coverage but it does not include art in its contents. We do not have the ability to cover traveling art shows because each exhibit has a different appraisal value which we are not in a position to verify.

Promotional Support:

Press releases about the exhibit are sent out to Alliance for Arts and Culture, the local newspapers in New Westminster and the Arts Council of New Westminster. These will be sent out at least 3 weeks prior to the reception / opening date.

Art Exhibits also receive the following promotional support:

  • Event description posted on Massey’s “Calendar of Events” section on website.
  • Public events are included on the Digital Readerboard sign.
  • Posters displayed in the Lobby and Ticket Centre.
  • A listing in Massey Theatre’s Newsletter that is distributed to over 3000+ homes and businesses.
  • Submission of a listing in local newspapers, The Record and Newsleader “Calendar of Events”..


If free alcohol service is requested, the person serving must have their Serving it Right certificate. A Special Occasion liquor license is required as well. If approved in advance, the Artist is responsible for arranging all details related to alcohol service.

A staff member will be provided at the reception to oversee the event and to unlock and lock up the space at no charge to the Artist.

Food is permitted but at the clients expense.

All beverages will be provided and sold by Massey Theatre.

Clients may wish to pre pay for beverages on behalf of reception guests. Coffee is at $10 per pot (that serves 10 cups), tea for $7 per carafe. Bottled water, canned pop and juice are $1.50. This can be run as a tab where the staff will indicate which items and how many were consumed and collected at the end of the event. Otherwise the guests pay at time of service.

Gallery Information and Specifications for Artists:

Information about the venue to assist you in preparing your submission or exhibition.

For more information email us at