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September 26

Cassius Khan presents

Mushtari Begum Festival

The Mushtari Festival 2015 is coming, with amazing Indian music and dance like you may have never seen or heard before. Led by the great Ghazal/Tabla musician Cassius Khan, this amazing festival produces a stunning and powerful experience. You should not miss this rare and amazing music and dance event.

“When your ears begin to see…the eyes listen.” Drawing upon the physical, emotional and the spiritual, the Mushtari Festival is a full-body experience of classical Indian music and dance.

The Massey Theater will be transformed into an ethereal courtyard in every presentation of the Mushtari Festival.

Founded by the world renowned Ghazal/Tabla Wizard, Cassius Khan, the Mushtari Festival was named after and dedicated to Khan’s guru, the late Mushtari Begum. “I always had a dream to organize a festival for Indian classical music, and when I was thinking about doing this, it dawned on me that it should be called the Mushtari Festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance, because of my love for my guruji,” says Khan. And his dream has been extremely well received so far!

Khan notes that although the Mushtari Festival is only in its 4th year since its conception, word about the Festival is spreading well across Canada and also in India. Every year there are more interested artists that are contacting the New Westminster resident looking for a chance to participate in this celebration of Indian classical music and dance.

Khan’s promise to attendees every year, and without fail, is that they will experience an otherworldly and rare world-class classical music performance. And no, the Mushtari Festival is not just designed for experts in Indian classical music, but for everyone who wants to transcend with the performance of this timeless ancient form Indian classical music and dance festival.

Past performances of the Mushtari Festival have had audiences topping 500 attendees, and this year’s performance is expected to turnover even a bigger audience as word about the Mushtari Festival keeps getting out. Khan hopes that with the support of the audiences and their appreciation of the Mushtari Festival, that it will become an event celebrated in traditional Indian fashion, where music begins playing into the night and carries through until morning.

Children under the age of 8 are free but tickets are required - PLEASE CALL THE BOX OFFICE - 604 521 5050 for child tickets as they are not available online. Senior age 60.
Buy 4 tickets and get one free - PLEASE CALL THE BOX OFFICE FOR THIS OFFER


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Purchase Tickets for this show online,
or phone our Box Office at 604-521-5050.


November 13

Legends of RocknRoll (TM) presents

Class of '59

The Early Years of Rock'n'Roll

Million Dollar Quartet and Buddy Holly Story headliners provide rock’n’roll excellence...
Lance Lipinsky from the world-famous “Million Dollar Quartet” and Zachary Stevenson from the internationally acclaimed “Buddy Holly Story”, have joined forces to present a not to be missed “Oldies” concert experience... The Class of ‘59.

Being two of the very best tribute artists in the world, they have to accept being able to swallow large doses of their egos. When they take on the persona of well-known celebrities, they must fade into the background in order to make their character believable on both a visual and vocal level. But every now and then there's a tribute performer that's so good people can't help but notice the person behind the persona - lurking somewhere beyond the make-up, costumes and over-the-top hair styles.

Twenty seven-year old Lance Lipinsky is one of those lurkers... and for him to come out from behind his character is really saying something because Lipinsky takes on one of the wilder entertainers out there - as the piano Rock’n’Roll pioneer and wild man Jerry Lee Lewis. And Stevenson is no slouch either, as he has performed the starring role in no less than ten different productions of “The Buddy Holly Story” throughout Canada and the USA. As Holly, Stevenson will be performing all of Buddy's huge hits including… “Maybe Baby”, “That'll Be The Day”, “Peggy Sue”, “Everyday” and “Oh Boy.”

Buddy Holly and The Killer… will be playing guitar and piano, respectively, in the all-star Legends Band including “Big Bopper” on string bass plus guest performers… Young Elvis, Bill Haley, Brenda Lee and the Everly Brothers.

Don’t miss Class of ’59… it’s a fabulous “oldies” rock’n’roll show on tour in western Canada during the fall of 2015.

Tickets: $43.00


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Purchase Tickets for this show online,
or phone our Box Office at 604-521-5050.

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